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Visit of the hospitals Maastad & Amphia in the Netherlands

Customer visits in Rotterdam

What do you have to take into account when catering for patients in hospitals? From country to country there are different approaches and challenges to be overcome. Beginning with meal times, menu selection, central or ward kitchens to food types, allergies and dislikes.

What options are available for ordering the menu?  The ordering options are very diverse from ward terminals, bedside terminals, mobile devices such as tablets or with the patient’s devices (Bring Your Own Device). Of course, the order can also be taken by the nursing staff or personally by the patient using the room service concept.

Within the scope of some reference visits we used the opportunity to visit two hospitals along with the chance to illuminate the Delegate solution for patient catering in practice.

Reference visit Maastad Ziekenhuis

The first destination was Maastad Ziekenhuis in Rotterdam. In 2011, the hospital opened with almost 600 beds (with only single or four-bed rooms), whereby it is not the insurance status that is decisive for bed occupancy, but the health status of the respective patient. In the Netherlands there is no distinction between statutory and private patients and therefore no distinction is made in terms of catering.

In close cooperation with Sodexo Netherlands, a Room Service concept was used from the very beginning. The patient can decide what and when they wants to eat. Patients order their meals from 07:00 a.m. to 08:00 p.m. and have a wide choice of cold and warm meals. Orders are placed directly at the bedside terminals where the patient only sees what is allowed to eat due to dietary restrictions and allergies. The patient data is transferred directly from the Hospital Information System (HIS) HiX via interface to the Delegate Patients Service application. The ordering/preparing & delivery process takes about one hour and the patient receives the food from one of the different ward kitchens, directly to the room. Meals for accompanying persons and also temporary visitors are also ordered via the Delegate Patients Service application. Up to a certain number of people the meals are free of charge.

All data on purchasing, ordered and delivered meals as well as many other data from other systems will be combined with other relevant figures in a BI system for further evaluation.

Reference visit Amphia Ziekenhuis

Next stop was the Amphia Ziekenhuis hospital in Breda, which opened on 29th of November 2019. A completely new and modern complex was built next to the old building. Special features here: 600 beds, all Single rooms. Apart from this special feature, the warm architecture was immediately noticeable when entering the hospital.

Patients in the Amphia also enjoy the advantages of a room service concept. The patient can choose between 25 different warm and several cold meals. Unlike the previous hospital, there is no external caterer involved here.

At admission, each patient is provided with an Apple iPad. In addition to entertainment and general information, patients can choose their meals and the time of delivery between 08:00 a.m. and 08:00 p.m. Within 45 minutes the meals are delivered directly to the bed from the various ward kitchens. All information about food types, allergies and dislikes as well as diets are interfaced in real time from the EPIC patient information system.
It was noticeable how well and coordinated the processes from ordering, production to delivery worked although the solution went live only 2 months ago.

The initial fear that the iPads will disappear, although it is not the data that is at risk here, as it cannot be accessed from outside, but the iPads themselves, has not been confirmed. However, during the 2 months, the customer has learnt that the one and a half meter long charging cables are very popular. Since the opening, more than 200 of the high-quality cables have disappeared. Currently the customer is still looking for a solution.


In summary, both customers are very proud of the respective implemented catering concepts and every single employee is involved in the daily care of the patients with great commitment.

Of course we were also invited to eat at lunch time according to Dutch tradition and could get an impression of the quality of the food. Contrary to Austria, we eat bread with a spread, salad and now and then a warm soup. Usually in Netherlands you eat warm meals in the evening.

The Delegate meal ordering system “Patients Service” offers a lot of different options, flexibility and different catering concepts through years of use in various countries such as USA, Australia, DACH and Benelux.

As a software development company it is always exciting and important for us to see our products in productive use. From this we can take a lot of informative and useful information which we use to continuously improve our solutions. If you are interested in further information or the Delegate Menu Order Solution, please feel free to contact us at any time.