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Menu Plan Distribution at the Push of a Button

News from Release 15.00

How can you make sure that all Cost Centers will receive your elaborate, fine-tuned and updated Menu Plan? In previous versions it was only possible to copy this Menu Plan to different single Cost Centers individually. This kind of distribution was very time consuming given that sometimes a Menu Plan needed to be distributed to a large number of sites.

With the new Menu Planning Distribution, the existing feature of Menu List Distribution was extended to Menu Plans.

It is now possible to define various “Target Cost Centers” for Menu Plans in advance. Copying a “Source” Menu Plan to multiple assigned Cost Centers will be done with the already known function “Copy Plan” with just one simple click. Naturally, all assigned visibility criteria will still be taken into account.

This enhanced function saves your employees a lot of time and effort. All defined Cost Centers will receive the relevant Menu Plan and no Cost Center runs the risk of being overlooked.

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