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Home office virtual brunch during Corona (Covid-19)

Virtual Brunch

It’s been #61 days since we moved to the home office and gotten used to the new daily routine. Quickly the whole company adopted to mobile working, as we had already allowed flexible days from home in the past. 

The biggest challenge was to maintain the excellent communication between all teams. Regular calls were quickly established and all employees could be seen in video conferences via webcam. The management has ensured that regular information was and is provided to all employees to ensure they are kept up to date about the current situation

After the first few weeks, virtual coffee breaks, were being undertook. Along with the employees coming up with creative & funny backgrounds in video conferences. Even virtual birthday parties have tested how good our conference system is. Unfortunately, our monthly brunch had to be canceled due to the Corona virus which we all missed having, because it is such an important social component. Everyone understood that it is currently not possible to hold such a Brunch due to everyone having to stay at home in order to be a disciplined and good role model. But who said anything against us holding a virtual brunch

Delegate Brunch

Last week we organized our first virtual Delegate Brunch and surprised all our employees from the Vienna office. A video conference alone would have been too easy and therefore something special was needed. We wanted to show our appreciation to all our Delegate superheroes during these difficult time and we also wanted to support our industry which is struggling quite hard.

A digital brunch is not very nutritious and that’s why we ordered brunch packages from a small & regional caterer which were delivered to all employees in Vienna and Lower Austria. The delivery took place between 4:30 a.m. and 10 a.m. and was left outside the apartment door as a surprise, so that we could have breakfast together at 10 a.m. (the usual Brunch Time).

Thanks to our superheroes we have gotten great snapshots of the delivery of the brunch package as well as the content. Some of them were very authentic and sleepy shots and some very creatively laid breakfast tables.

Home Office Brunch

In these difficult times, it shows what really matters, namely that you can rely on each other and all pull together. We are very proud of all the Delegate Superheroes and that every single one of them has adapted to the difficult conditions as quickly as possible or tries to deal with the situation in the best possible way. No matter how difficult it is, the most important good of any company are simply the employees and therefore it was worth to deliver breakfast to all our employees at home.