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Handling of multiple Sub-Orders with Version 14.20

Multiple Sub-Orders

In daily conference business, there are usually multiple meetings scheduled for different times of the day which have varying numbers of participants. Until now, it was only possible to create individual orders for certain times or to generate an overall order and manually adjust the data in this order in the Conference & Events or Sales Order Processing Modules. For example, for a typical conference day 5-6 orders were created and had to be combined, or the overall order had to be split manually for the producing Cost Center.

With Version 14.20, the functionality for managing Sub-Orders in Conference & Events was improved. It is now possible to divide an overall Order into Sub-Orders like a Morning Coffee Break at 08:00 AM, a Lunch Break 12:00 AM and a Coffee Break at 15:00 PM

sub orders

– You get a perfect overview of the the overall Order and its Sub-Orders
– Clear representation of Sub-Orders and their scheduled Order times
– Sub-Orders will no longer be overlooked by mistake
– Overall Order will be sent directly to the Distributing Cost Center

Using Sub-Orders is extremely helpful to avoid mix-ups in the producing Kitchen, as all Requirements will be listed and displayed separately.