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Efficiently generate your Product Specification Documents

Product Specification Documents

This feature provides various functionalities and settings to create a customized Production Specification Document. It is used in several modules, for example “Conference and Events”, to provide users and customers with all important information about products offered.

The Product Specification Document saves a lot of time and effort as it enables you to monitor nutritional values, allergens, regeneration data etc. all in one place. You can configure an Authorization Procedure where your designated qualified employees review and approve the Product
Specification Documents. This means that correct and up-to-date Documents are available at all times.

Product Specification Document

The Product Specification Document can also be configured to include microbiological values which are managed in the “Microbiological Criteria Groups” and “MicroOrganisms” Modules.

You can select from over 25 variables to create the perfectly customized Product Specification Document for your business.

For example, you can:

– create totals by summing up components for the component list
– include self-defined, company specific variables
– configure individualized recipe variables for improved quality assurance
– check your microbiological product values against standard values
– manage food preservation data

For more information please find the necessary manuals on or Delegate Helpdesk Portal