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Delegate Running Event

Hooray! Our new Delegate running shirts arrived today. On Thursday, June 22nd 2017 Delegate will –as every year – participate in the 16th International Vienna Team and Company Run. As we are already participating for the fourth time, we had our own shirts designed this year.

We tried them on right on the spot and approved of them 😉

Delegate Lauf 1/3Delegate Lauf 2/3Delegate Lauf 3/3

We are participating in the run with 20 Delegate Employees in the following teams:

– Team 1: Markus, Bernhard, Kerstin
– Team 2: Florian, Harald, Petra
– Team 3: Armin, Marin, Christa
– Team 4: Rainer, Susanne, Rudolf
– Team 5: Christian , Sebastian, Irina
– Team 6: Jürgen , Silke , Martin

Individual runners: Alexander & Hermann

Individual runners: Alexander Traxler & Hermann Schachner

We wish everyone a successful run and will report in a follow-up on the Delegate achievements.