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Simplified Production Planning with Predictive Values in Patient Service No Comments

Using Data from Existing Recipe Productions

In most commercial kitchens head chefs will regularly create Menu Plans well in advance to ensure efficient operation planning. Predicting the required quantities of meals and ingredients is always a challenging task, especially when it comes to ordering the required materials.

The actual plan quantities will normally only be available a few days before production. This means that the better part of early planning is experience- based. However, especially Central Production Units need to start meal production well in advance. Therefore, the corresponding ingredients have to be ordered with the vendors weeks in advance as well.

With our “Calculated Predictive Plan Values” for Recipes we provide a great tool for easier Production Planning. It uses already existing historic data for improved and reliable Menu Planning


The greatest advantages of this feature:

– Simple to use, no additional work required
– Uses existing historical data (quantities/products)
– Maximizing profit through less misordering
– Reduces overproduction

In Production Planning you will be able to generate Predictive Plan Values manually at the click of a button. An even more effective way will be to use the automated version of Predictive Value generation, where you set up a job once and it will run based on the settings that have been configured.

Discover how easy planning can be when using already existing data. With even more precise ordering, you can minimize capital commitment in storage and increase profits. Using statistic sales data of Recipes also allows your business to cut down on overproduction.

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Review Construction & operation of canteen kitchens 2020 No Comments

Event in Munich

Our first event, after the corona-related restrictions, led us to Munich for the congress “Bau & Betrieb von Großküchen und moderner Betriebsgastronomie” that means translated “Construction & Operation of Large Kitchens and Modern Company Catering”, which took place on 15th & 16th September. The event, which was postponed from May by the Management Forum Starnberg and the industry trade journal GV-Manager, took place in the halls of the Hilton Munich Airport Hotel.

As usual, both days were full of interesting topics concerning canteen kitchens, followed by a panel discussion on “The new role of company catering”.

Our customer GO Gaststättenbetriebs GmbH, together with our partner Ventopay, provided insights into how digitalization of processes and workflows can increase efficiency and how interaction and feedback possibilities can increase the enthusiasm of guests.

Unusual, however, were the conditions under which the event took place due to existing hygiene regulations. The congress, normally attended by more than 250 participants, was limited to 100. Groups were formed during the breaks in order to comply with the distance rules in the rooms. Wearing mouth and nose protection was obligatory for the protection of all, with a few exceptions. But this was not an obstacle to the active exchange of information among the participants.

The Highlight

The highlight of the event was a tour of the newly opened leonardi company restaurant in the Bavaria Towers which took place on the evening of the first day. The leonardi team served the visitors at various counters with drinks and wonderful pasta and pizza. The time was used for networking and personal conversations.

For all participants who could not attend the entire event, the technical presentations were recorded and made available in a timely manner.

Considering the prevailing conditions, the event was a complete success. A big thank you to the organizers for all the effort before, during and after the event.

We will be there again on 18 and 19 May 2021. Are you also interested in participating? Just let us know and you will be able to enjoy discounted tickets. Be Quick, as it is only while stocks last.

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Trinity Health Go-Live Success in the Mid-Atlantic Area! No Comments

News from Delegate North America

Delegate North America are very happy to announce the twelth & thirteenth successful go-live with Trinity Health. These two facilities are part of the Trinity Health of Mid-Atlantic region. They went live with the Delegate Patients Service web application on Wednesday August 26th 2020 (St Francis Healthcare) in Wilmington, Delaware & Wednesday September 2nd 2020 (St Mary Health Main Campus) in Langhorne, PA.

The team at St Francis Healthcare have a bedside program for patient meal service that will deliver between 90 – 120 trays at each meal period. The foodservice staff are equipped with a wireless tablet device for entering patient meal orders at the bedside.. This new process enhanced overall therapeutic diet compliance because of the live access to nutrient levels for the menu items and any specific requirements that patient may have had like allergies, dislikes or intolerances. The staff loved being able to speak the menu to the patients and guide better menu choices with live access to a system that assists them and then have a tally report for the culinary staff!

The St Mary Health team had previous software in place with a room service program and had been training on web sessions to prepare for the Go Live. The Trinity regional team as well as Delegate team supported the staff on site through the conversion and took time to ensure patients received the proper meal order in a timely manner. As well as made sure the food service department staff had all aspects of the software working as expected…from the hardware to the software!

Both transitions involved team work and collaboration to achieve the best results. Trinity Health and Delegate Group continue to support the local food service departments with day to day operations so their patients can receive the best food and service for improved healing and optimal outcomes.

About Trinity Health

Trinity Health is one of the largest multi-institutional Catholic health care delivery systems in the nation, serving diverse communities that include more than 30 million people across 22 states.

Based in Livonia MI, Trinity Health are in the process of rolling out the Delegate Patients Service Enterprise software, hosted in the Delegate Cloud, across 47 of its 93 facilities. All of the facilities are grouped in regions.

The goal of the roll out to the Delegate Patients Service Cloud platform is to be able to Standardize and have a better control on the estate, with regards to cost controlling and savings while eliminating any technical footprint at each location.

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Registration of Participants in Mobile Inventory No Comments

News from Release 15.00

This new feature improves traceability as it is now possible to register which participants were involved in the stocktaking process in Mobile Inventory.

It provides an overview on who worked with the mobile recording device at what point in time.

If this feature is activated, each participant must enter their name and provide their signature via the new button before the Inventory is exported.

The names and signatures which were collected in this way can then be printed on the Inventory Preview in the Web Client so that at a later point in time, it will be possible to find out who was involved in an Inventory count in the past.

Another advantage is that the signatures of the participants can be captured during the stock count as well as in the end before the data export. For example, a situation might occur where one of the participants cannot be present until the stock count is finished.

It is then possible to record their signature during the stocktaking process, while the other participants can sign when it is finished.

This new functionality offers you simplified handling and administration and gives you a good overview on who participated in the stocktaking process.

Overview Example Screenshot

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Smart Storage Room Usage through optimized Price Quote Calculation No Comments

News from Version 15.00

The usage of storage room is one of the most common challenges in daily business. No matter how many store rooms, no matter how spacious they may be, they’re just always too small. The biggest loss of storage space is often due to the fact that overly large quantities or bulk packages are stored. However, why buy 100 kilos of flour when only 30 are needed? A speedy and optimized inventory turnover ratio also has the advantage that it involves lower capital commitment.

With our new Calculation Method, the Price Quotes for the goods you order will be suggested based on the lowest total price for the requested quantity.

This feature’s main options include settings for:

– Default Price Quote
– Best Catalog Price
– Best Net/Net Price

This needs to be set just once and Price Quotes will be suggested according to the selected Main Option. There is still great flexibility for Price Quote selection, as it will be possible to change the Price Quotes manually in the Requirement Document.

Overview Requirement Price Quote Selection

Cost Centers will be able to decide, if they wish to use the “Best Price per Base Unit” or “Best Price per Required QTY” options for the requirement optimization, depending on their physical storage room capacities.

By using the requirement optimization, storage space usage will be greatly improved. Additionally, a higher inventory turnover ratio will help you with:

– a well-arranged storage
– quick inventory creation
– a better Best-Before-Date management

and the freed up capital can be used for other Investments.

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New Filter Option to only show Meal Orders affected by Diet Change No Comments

News from Version 15.00

The newly implemented feature helps you to filter the Patient Meal Orders by those affected by diet changes (displayed via a blue dot indicator in “Service Unit Ordering” and “Room Service Rounding” overviews) in the Meal Ordering modules.

In day-to-day business, a Patient´s diet can change after their Meal Order is placed. Now the new filter option “Only Meal Orders Affected by Diet Change” is available to provide your staff with an instant overview on where diet changes occurred and may need to be followed up:

Overview without checked box

When the filter is activated, the users will see at a glance what meal orders need to be corrected before the tray cards, labels or room service tickets will be printed.

Overview with checked box

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Vendor Rating and B2B Objective Record for Mobile Solution No Comments

News from Release 15.00

To simplify the process of receiving, a Vendor Rating and a B2B Objection Record has now been implemented for Mobile Solution. In the past it was not possible to track deliveries with faults or imperfections of Items. To notify the vendor in writing about the deficiency the receiving procedure had be finished on the Mobile Application and an Objection Record with an explanatory statement had to be created in WebClient.

With this new feature it is now possible during the Receiving process to create an explanatory statement and select a picture or take a picture as well in the Mobile Solution App.

As soon as the Receiving process is finished, the Delivery Note with the created Objective Record will be exported in Web Client. If necessary the Delivery Note can now be adjusted again.

For a Web Client User it will be now possible to retrace the Issue and take further steps. From the Mobile Solution App the Objective Record can be exported directly or further along the line to the Vendor.

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Justification for missing Meal Orders No Comments

News from Release 15.00

There can be various reasons why a Meal Order for a certain Patient is missing in the “Patient Meal Ordering” module. On the one hand, it is possible that the Food Service staff did not take Meal Orders on the Patient’s Station yet. On the other hand, it is possible that Meal Orders were taken already, but the individual Patient was not present because of medical treatment or other reasons.

In any case, the Food Service staff needs to decide whether it makes sense to visit the Station again to take the Patient’s Meal Order or if it is better to place an automatic Meal Order for the Patient. In order to facilitate this decision, it is now possible to select a Reason Code which justifies the missing Meal Order:

Justification for missing Meal Orders Example Screenshot

In case a Meal Order is placed manually later on, the Reason Code is removed automatically.

Automatic default Meal Orders often do not correspond to the Patient’s taste and wishes and are not consumed at all. The new feature allows for easy tracking of missing individual Patient Meal Orders, which simplifies KPI analysis.

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New Requirement Module No Comments

News from Release 15.00

In the most recent Version of Delegate Web Client, an entirely new Requirements module has been implemented. The old module in previous versions only included Requirements arising from Menu Planning. However, the necessity to procure goods externally (via Purchase Order) or internally (via Issue Request) can also arise from other processes like Sales or Production. Therefore, the new module now offers options to handle Requirements from these sources:

– Menu Planning

– Central Production / Production Planning

– Issue Requests / Transfers

– Sales Order Processing


The new functionality enables you to sum up requirements from different sources and sort them by Delivery Date or Item, to create individualized Requirement Documents, to group Requirements and to include production planning. Orders can be sent to external Suppliers just as before, but now it is also possible to create Requirements from different sources and to combine them. This enables you to optimize your Requirement process and to adapt it perfectly to your business needs.

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Important changes in the management of the Delegate Group No Comments

Dear customers,
Dear business partners,

After twelve years of successful cooperation, the Delegate Group and Martin Knopp have decided to go their separate ways. As Managing Director and, since 2016, CEO of the Delegate Group, Martin Knopp has shaped the company in recent years and contributed significantly to its excellent development. It is planned that he will continue to be available as a consultant for a limited period of time in order to support a smooth handover and seamless continuation of the ongoing projects.

The operational management as CEO of the Delegate Group will be assumed by Mr. Thomas Frank, who, as one of the founders of Delegate, has also been continuously active in the Board of Directors and as a member of the Supervisory Board in recent years. Mr. Thomas Frank will take over the management of development on an interim basis together with Mr. Johann Maierhofer, also founder and former managing director for development and most recently also active on the supervisory board.

What does the new and previous management say about the changes?

Thomas Frank, founder and new CEO of the Delegate Group: “Martin Knopp was an important part of the company. I greatly appreciate his competence and commitment and would like to thank him for his extraordinary achievements! It is a great pleasure to be back at Delegate and I am very proud of the company’s achievements and look forward to continuing and expanding the successful path with the team and our customers”.

Martin Knopp, former Managing Director and CEO of Delegate Group: “My time at Delegate is an important part of my professional career and I am proud of what I have achieved together with the team. Above all, the team spirit and the extraordinarily good cooperation within the entire team, but especially with my colleague Markus Gruber, have given me great pleasure in addition to the technical challenges in implementing sophisticated functionalities for our customers. I would like to thank all employees, all customers and business partners and our shareholders and supervisory board members for the time spent together and the good cooperation!

Markus Gruber, Managing Director of Delegate Technology GmbH: “As a colleague of the Managing Director, I would like to express my special thanks to Martin Knopp for his determination and collegiality, and the extraordinary mutual trust between us! By working together with him professionally, we were able to build a great team and expand the company’s market-leading role to its current strength. His input on processes and product development has been instrumental in leading the company to its current size.