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Markus Gruber appointed as COO / Managing Director No Comments

Career Update

Markus Gruber

Effective as of January 1st, 2019, Markus Gruber (37) is part of the Delegate Technology GmbH executive board as COO. From now on, he will be managing our company together with long-term Managing Director Martin Knopp (47).

By appointing Markus Gruber as Managing Director we lay the foundations for further growth in the Germany/ Austria/ Switzerland region where we are already market leaders in the corporate catering and catering industry. We plan to increase our activities in the Quick Service/Fast Casual Dining and Healthcare market in the future. Up until now, we mainly operated in the Healthcare sector in USA and Australia

via our subsidiaries. In future, we want to develop new markets by working with adequate potential partners in a similar fashion as we operate our activities in the Benelux region.

„ I am looking forward to continuing the successful and close cooperation with Markus Gruber in his new position and congratulate him on this important step in his career also on behalf of our supervisory board!” said Martin Knopp, CEO and Managing Director of Delegate Technology GmbH.

Markus Gruber started working at Delegate in 2011. As Director Business Operations he had already been responsible for the Delegate’s entire project and service business in the Germany/Austria/Switzerland region and also supervises IT/Infrastructure and internal administration.

Martin Knopp acts as Managing Director for Delegate Technology GmbH since 2008. After his studies in IT he started working as software developer and became Managing Director in 2000. As CEO he will continue to set the strategic orientation and head product development and further development of our subsidiaries in the USA and Australia.

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Annual Review 2018 – The time to say thank you No Comments

2018 in review

Another exciting year has passed by and we are starting into the new year 2019 at full speed. Delegate looks back on a highly successful year and we are pleased that our solutions could convince numerous new clients. Even so, we take special pride in the fact that we never lose focus on our long-time clients and products and make advanced customer relations and continuous development our highest priority.

Delegate considers itself as Technology and Service provider and will continue to put products and services on top of the agenda in 2019. This year, we strive to achieve even more than regular product development. We will not only incorporate add-ons based on customer feedback in our software – we want to enable our customers to optimize and simplify their daily business and exploit their cost reduction potential.  We already have a lot of great ideas in the pipeline to make our products yet more modern and innovative. In 2019 we will focus heavily on what the future will bring for the material management business and what it will require.

In order to achieve our goals we require close cooperation with our customers, competent partners as well as motivated and committed employees. As a modern, sustainable and innovative employer we take our human resource management very seriously. We set ourselves the standard to create the best working environment possible so that our employees, who fulfill very demanding tasks, do not miss out on fun and well being. Delegate as an enterprise can only be successful when all parties (employees, clients and partners) join forces! It is our task to live the values required to do so and to create the perfect working atmosphere. We know that a culture of fairness and openness is just as important as supporting each other in critical situations and backing each other up.


As before, we decided to give a personalized gift to every employee to express our gratitude for a very successful year 2018. We are immensely proud on our joint achievements and highly motivated for 2019. In this spirit, we would like to thank all our clients and partners for a great collaboration and all our employees for their commitment and wish you all a most successful start into the new year 2019.

Weihnachten 1

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Redesign of Layouts in our Recipe and Item Module No Comments

Release Highlights 13.20

To achieve a clear arrangement the Layout of the Recipe- and Item Module has been redesigned. Fields have been merged to group boxes and arrangements. Below we will present the new redesign in Delegate myMMS and Patients Service of the Recipe Module (Overview and Detail) by showing the before and after pictures.

Overview of changes:
– Consistently using group boxes and arrangements on one screen
– More Logical grouping of fields in tabs
– New Buttons and Options
– Filter Options are arranged differently

In the Recipe Module the detail page has been reorganized:

EN_Recipe before
After (Web Client):
After (Patients Service):
New buttons are visible “Categories” and „Logos“ whilst a new tab “Additives” has been added. Also the „Audit Trail“ and “Check Price Quote” buttons have been removed with the user accessing those functions from the Top Menu Bar of the Recipe Detail Screen.

In tab „Ingredients“, you will find grouped boxes: “Recipe No.”, ”Short Name” and “Component Group” and the Checkbox “Menu Component”.

Boxes have also been rearranged in the „Production“ tab. These fields now contain the “Production Item“ where the user can create a Production Item. The Field “Options” contains “Use for Weighted Menu Item”, “Assign to new Diets” and “Premium Component” as well as the Conversion “Volume to Weight” and “Pre-Packed” which is mainly used for Delegate Patients Service.

In the Item Module the Overview has been reorganized:

The Overview Filters have been rearranged, with the top of the page in the Detail View reorganized.

In the top of the screen of the Detail View of the Item Module a new button “Logos” has been added and the “Audit Trail” button can now accessed from the Top Menu Bar in the Item Detail Screen. In tab “Edit Item” you will now find grouped boxes: “Short Name”, “Component Group”, “Menu Component” as well as “Barcode” and “Authorization Level”.

EN_Item after

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Caterer of the Year 2018 – Awards ceremony and all winners No Comments

Caterer of the Year 2018

The ‘Caterer of the Year’ award is given for innovative concepts and outstanding achievements in contract and large-scale catering. Each year, the Cooking + Catering inside business journal nominates the best concepts from categories ‘Cooking’ ‘Corporate’ and ‘Concepts’ and elects the Caterer of the Year for each category. In addition, there is a speciality award for best ‘Marketing’.

We are especially proud of our customers, who were nominated in all categories and came out as winners in 2 out of 3. We congratulate all participants and winners on their excellent concepts.

Nominees in the ‘Cooking‘ category were:

– Klüh Catering, Düsseldorf
– Broich Catering & Location, Düsseldorf
– A&Z Foodmanufaktur und Kaiserschote Catering, Bergheim/Pulheim-Brauweiler

Broich, Düsseldorf, won with its „PURE FIVE” concept. Please click here for further information on this concept.

Nominees in the ‘Corporate‘ category were:

– Kuffler Catering Service, Wiesbaden
– Sodexo Services, Rüsselsheim
– Spreespeicher Event, Berlin

Our customer Sodexo Services GmbH was the winner in the ‘Corporate‘ category. Please click here for further information on the event.

Nominees in the ‘Concepts‘ category were:

– Sodexo Services Dave B., Berlin
Apleona Culinaress, Ottobrunn
– Berlin Cuisine Jensen, Berlin

Our customer Apleona came out victorious in the ‘Concepts’ category. For further information and a presentation of the concept please click here.

Caterer des Jahres 5
Caterer des Jahres 1Caterer des Jahres 2
Caterer des Jahres 3Caterer des Jahres 4

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Construction and operation of canteen kitchens and modern catering facilities No Comments

Management Forum Starnberg – Zurich 2018

Delegate has been a platinum sponsor at the two-day networking event from the 27th to the 28th of November 2018 in Zurich. In addition to a large number of interesting speeches, there were also many opportunities for interesting experience exchange with the other participants.

The presentations at the event focused primarily on innovations and food trends.
– New design concepts for work cuisine
– Digitization in the canteen kitchen
– Hygiene concepts for modern canteen kitchens
– Avoid food waste
– BIM in canteen kitchen planning
– Co-Working in canteen kitchen planning
– Co-Working Kitchen: Co-Cooking as a Business Model

Special: As an evening event, there was the possibility to visit the modern gastronomy “ETH Zurich” at the campus Hönggerberg. The campus and the catering facilities could be visited in a cosy atmosphere.



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Show and allow selection of several Price Quotes No Comments

Show and allow selection of several Price Quotes for one Item in Requirements

If an Item has several Price Quotes assigned, the User is now able to select and add more than one Price Quote if there are several available. The selected Price Quotes are listed in a separate area between the Stock Items and the regular Price Quotes. This way, Waste will be reduced and Stock Management optimized.

If multiple Price Quotes are added to the Requirements, the Item are listed in a separate row with all the selected Price Quotes underneath. The displayed sort order considers the Configuration PQSELECTION and sorts the Price Quotes accordingly. However, the Quantity of the first PQ will be filled as if this was the only PQ selected, and all other related PQs are filled with 0.

As mentioned in the beginning, this behavior is intended to reduce Waste and increase the Stock Management optimization. Following behavior will become available through this changes: For example 70 Pcs “Chocolate Cookies” will be needed. Until now it has only been possible to order one Price Quote resulting in e.g. the order of 4 Units “Box 20 Pc” resulting in 10 Pc “Chocolate Cookies” surplus. With the new behavior, it is possible to split the ordered Price Quotes so that the ordered Quantity gets as close as possible to the required amount. According to the above examples the needed amount could be reached by ordering one Unit “Box 10 Pc” and three Units “Box 20 PC”.

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Assignment of up to four Documents per Price Quote No Comments

Assigning an image file as a fourth document

From now on, it is possible to assign up to four Documents to each Price Quote (whereas only two Documents per Price Quote were possible in previous versions). While the field for the third Document offers the same functionality as the already known fields for the first and second one, the fourth Document field is reserved for picture files: if a picture file is assigned as fourth Document, a preview of the picture is shown whenever the Price Quote is added to a Purchase Order. If a User hovers over the thumbnail with the mouse pointer, the picture is displayed on the screen.

Moreover, it is also possible now to define Customer-specific captions for the Document columns in the Purchase Order module.

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27. ICA Networking Event at the Estrel Berlin – November 2018 No Comments

ICA (Institute of Culinary Art)

The ICA (Institute of Culinary Art) connects people in the food service sector via networks for executives, HR managers and alumni. These networks promote the idea of education and advanced training. High-level executives of the food service industry meet at periodic events via the ICA network.

The ICA Executive Network members meet several times a year at changing locations, where different key topics are presented by high-profile speakers. The range of events for members is regularly rounded off by science-orientated workshops. On November 13th 2018 the 27th ICA Networking Event took place in Berlin and, as in the last years, Delegate was among the participants .

Christian Schmidt participated in the event, made new contacts and met some familiar faces as well. Please click here for further information on the event.




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Delegate North America and DM&A proud to be a part of FNCE 2018 No Comments

FNCE 2018 Review


Delegate North America & DM&A attended the Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo (FNCE) annually, as a sponsor, this year held at the “Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington D.C.” – October 20th -23rd 2018.

The Delegate & DM&A booth showcasedStella” the Web Based, Enterprise Hosted and Managed Food Service Solution, a collaboration between the two companies. Delegate providing the tried and tested web based enterprise software, which is used in many locations around the world. Whilst, DM&A providing the fully tested and coded Items, Recipes, Nutritional Data, Menus etc. for both Patients and Retail, implemented and managed by their highly experienced, internationally recognized team of Chefs and Dietitians. Using the latest technology platform (Microsoft Azure) to host Stella.


Each fall, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics sponsors the world’s largest meeting of food and nutrition experts — more than 10,000 registered dietitian nutritionists, nutrition science researchers, policy makers, health-care providers and industry leaders attend the annual meeting — and address key issues affecting the health of all Americans. Over the four days, FNCE hosted its members for stimulating keynotes, excellent educational sessions, networking events, and of course the FNCE Expo, where over 380 Vendors were present.

The Stella booth had lots of interest during the 4 days:

The excellent Stella Team that manned the booth over the 4 days was, Michelle Mathura (DM&A), Adam Johnson (Delegate Healthcare), James Bonggat (DM&A) & Brooke May (DM&A).

Delegate North America and DM&A would like to thank all the attendees of FNCE 2018 and we look forward to seeing you in Philadelphia next October for FNCE 2019

Bonus – Walkaround Video from the FNCE 2018 in Wahsington D.C.

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Redesign of Web Client user interfaces from version 13.20 onwards No Comments

Delegate Redesign

Our long-standing Customers already know, that we provide new and useful features with each new Delegate Web Client version. However in the last few years, the design of the application was not a primary focus and was rarely updated or improved.

From version 13.20 onward, we are starting to visually rework the Web Client step by step. Starting with the Master Data Items module, which we will present in a more consistent and logical way. Likely still in version 13.20, but latest by version 14.00, the Recipe module will receive an overhaul as well.

Also other Master Data modules (Supplier, Cost Center, …) and later Transaction modules (Purchase, Store, …) will receive adaptations to match the new and clearer design in upcoming versions.

Here a little overview regarding the new design:

– Consistent use of group borders or no group borders on screen
– Uniformed distances between elements
– Logical grouping and sorting of fields
– Following text capitalization rules

In order to better demonstrate to wich degree these changes will take effect, shown below a comparison of the “Item Overview” and “Edit Item” modules:

Item Overview:
Edit Item:
Edit Item

Show Buttons
Hide Buttons