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Google Chrome Support as of Version 12.10 No Comments

Google Chrome Support

As of version 12.10 we officially support Google Chrome. From now on, you can call our Delegate Web Client not only via Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, but also via Google Chrome (version 60 or higher). Our product compatibility with different browsers is a topic that we have reflected on over the last years, and we continuously upgraded to meet our customer’s requirements.

The demand for compatibility with different browser is highly understandable and plays an important role for us as international software provider. However, this seemingly simple requirement can often become a great challenge. Whenever a software which has been growing over decades and is continuously being developed needs to be adapted to current browser technologies, this always involves a certain amount of further development and testing.

In order to support the most current and popular browsers in the future, we are currently working on compatibility with the new Microsoft Internet Explorer (Edge). As of version 12.20, the first beta-version will be available for the first steps in Edge. Our plan for 2018 is to examine the Safari browser and potentially establish a compatibility with it as well.

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Delegate Headquarters – Virtual Tour No Comments

Delegate Virtual Tour

Today we would like to take you on a virtual tour through our offices. About 2.5 years ago, we moved from Hintzerstraße 5/2 to our new office in Landstrasser Hauptstrasse 99-101. For all of you who haven’t been able to visit us yet we now provide a tour of our office in a short video.

The new office is only a few hundred meters away from the old one and therefore our employees’ route to work hardly changed at all. It is a very central location and provides a great connection to the Vienna airport. You can reach us via a comfortable ride on the City Airport Train which only takes 16 minutes from airport to city center.

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We compose your solution – Your Food Service Software Solution No Comments



In the current edition of the “GV-Praxis” trade journal you can find our latest advertorial. We compose your software solution and focus intensely on our customers’ requirements in order to provide the ideal enhancement and support of existing processes with our software products.

We accelerate your growth and support you in establishing new processes with our international, fully integrated solution – no matter if your field of business is large-scale catering, healthcare, education or fast casual dining. We focus on the entire process chain, from purchasing to recipe management, menu and production planning and recording meal orders of patients and guests in hospitals and nursing homes.

We compose your solution

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Vendor Calendar – New functionality within the Web Client and available in version 12.10 No Comments

Vendor Calendar

Optimize your orders with the new introduced Vendor Calendar. Have you ever done an order for a specific day where your vendors are not available?

With version 12.10 of the Web Client, the Vendor Calendar has been introduced. With the Vendor Calendar it is possible to maintain Regular Opening Days and also Closed Days for the Vendors to prevent Orders being created for Dates where the Vendors can’t deliver or are not available for different reasons.

The Vendor Calendar also has an impact on Requirements as for example Items with Lead Days set will now have to be ordered according to the Vendor Calendar and the Lead Days set for Vendor and Items.

Vendor Calendar


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Delegate North America and DM&A proud to be a part of the FNCE 2017 – Chicago, Illinois No Comments

FNCE 2017

Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo

Over the 4 days the EXPO Hall was a bustle of activity. The below images show just how busy the EXPO floor was!

Delegate North America along with DM&A (Don Miller and Associates), were proud to be part of the 100th Celebrations @FNCE (Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo) 2017 held in Chicago Illinois. Attending the long waited FNCE 2017 which was attended this year by over 10,000 Dietitians and over 100 exhibitors.

The Delegate & DM&A booth showcased “Stella” the Web Based, Enterprise Hosted and Managed Food Service Solution, a collaboration between the two companies. Delegate providing the tried and tested web based enterprise software, which is used in over 2000 locations globally. Whilst, DM&A providing the fully tested and coded Items, Recipes, Nutritional Data, Menus etc. for both Patients and Retail, implemented and managed by their highly experienced, internationally recognized team of Chefs and Dietitians. Using the latest technology platform (Microsoft Azure) to host Stella.

Stella was released in February 2017, at the annual Good to Best Conference hosted by DM&A.

With the Delegate and DM&A booth attracting a lot of interest. Due to the uniqueness of Stella and that it allows smaller Facilities that do not have IT departments or limited IT departments and do not have the band width of an FTE to manage the application locally.

For more details on Delegate, DM&A or Stella, please contact Adam Johnson.

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Studentenwerk Bochum (AKAFÖ) reaches quarter final in the German Student Services Organisations Championship No Comments

German Student Services Organisations Football Championship 2017

The football team “Studentenwerk Bochum” (AKAFÖ) sponsored by Delegate competed for the title in Group D on September 30, 2017 against game host Frankfurt (Oder). Unfortunately, the 2:0 defeat was not the best start, but the team held up well, won all three following preliminary round matches and thus succeeded in entering the quarter final.

Frankfurt (Oder) – Bochum | 2:0
Mainz – Bochum | 1:3
Bochum – Paderborn | 2:1
Gießen – Bochum | 0:2

In the quarter final, alas, team Dresden prevailed by 2:0 and the tournament ended early for the Bochum footballers, stopping them from entering the semi finals. We would like to congratulate the AKAFÖ team as well as the winning team Berlin and all other 24 participating teams from all over Germany on their performance.

Rank 1.  Berlin
Rank 2. Potsdam
Rank 3. Niederbayern-Oberpfalz
Rank 4. Dresden

We are very much looking forward to next year when Bochum will be competing with the other Student Organizations for the title again.

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Cashless POS Systems & Material Management Solutions No Comments

The interaction between cashless POS systems and material management solutions has become an indispensable process in large-scale catering. For restaurant and canteen operators as well as company catering services in particular, data exchange between the POS and the materials management system is an integral part of a smoothly functioning and modern software solution.

Delegate as software provider for material management solutions maintains a close cooperation of many years with POS specialist ventopay in order to guarantee electronic communication between the individual solutions. For this purpose, a safe, comprehensive and traceable exchange of POS data is required.

The existing integration between Delegate and ventopay provides our customers with the possibility to exchange POS relevant data such as product information and sales figures. Menu plan data such as allergens, nutrients and recipe names are also provided for further processing in order to display menu plans on screens, via apps or on the intranet.

Contact us to obtain information on POS connections with your Delegate solution and benefit from the advantages of an integrated POS interface.

About ventopay

The specialist for cash and cashless POS, billing and payment systems in the community catering sector. The POS system is designed to meet the needs of restaurants, canteens, cafeterias, caterers, hospitals, stadiums, arenas, universities, schools, vending machines and recreational facilities.

For more than 15 years, leading companies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland have been using ventopay’s cashless payment system.

As a full-service provider, ventopay offers everything from one source. From capturing your on-site needs, consulting and implementation to customer support and regular software enhancements.

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Delegate Brunch – great achievements require a lot of energy No Comments

According to this motto, we invite all employees to our corporate brunch every month. This is already the second year in which we have breakfast together on a regular basis. It provides a much required energy boost that helps us tackle our upcoming challenges.

We had this idea when trying to solve a simple question – how do you manage to keep all 30 employees at the Vienna site up-to-date about current corporate matters? Obviously, we could just have sent an e-mail to everyone, but let’s face it: We all get lots of e-mails as it is and in all honesty, taking a small break and enjoying breakfast while listening to the latest company news is much more agreeable.


Our corporate brunch proved to be a great opportunity to inform all employees about important current topics as well as to address questions. It is also a great opportunity to strengthen our “corporate spirit”. Some colleagues also like to make a contribution with breakfast specials (we have an “Oktoberfest” themed breakfast coming up) or help with preparations and clear away the dishes.

It goes to show that we not only provide first-class software for large scale catering, but also focus on the very core operations of our customers ;-). The shared breakfast not only serves for keeping our employees up-to-date, but also promotes communication between the individual teams.


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Celebrating in the Traditional way – Wiener Wiesn Fest on September 29th, 2017 No Comments

Wiener Wiesn_1
The „Wiener Wiesn“ Oktoberfest is taking place again this year from September 21st to October 8th. 3 grand pavilions, 5 alpine cabins and the Wiesn village offer fun and entertainment. After last year’s positive feedback we decided to invite all Delegate employees again to a traditional Wiesn evening.

The weather was unexpectedly nice this year, giving us the opportunity to explore the Wiesn village at warm temperatures and sunshine before the official evening program. Starting 6.30 p.m, the Gösser pavilion (catering to 3,700 guests) opened and we made our way to the dinner tables.

Wiener Wiesn_2Wiener Wiesn_3Given the large number of visitors, it was not an easy task to assemble everyone in just one group picture. The ladies of Delegate, as usual, made a strong statement – too bad that we couldn’t fit everyone into the picture. We are delighted that we could increase the proportion of female employees during the last years. There are currently 12 ladies employed with Delegate, making up roughly one third of our team. As a software company, we very much welcome this positive trend.

Wiener Wiesn_4Wiener Wiesn_5

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International & scalable POS & ERP solutions No Comments

In these fast-paced times of growth and internationalization, not only a complete integration between POS and ERP manufacturers is of significance. With the rollout of projects of international customers, it is of particular importance that the integrated solution is also scalable & fit for international use.

Delegate as an international software service provider for ERP products and TCPOS as a POS specialist have had a long-standing tradition in the form of a partnership for more than 20 years. We increasingly serve customers in the area of corporate catering (including hospitality, fast-casual-dining as well as catering as the main focus).

Because of the successful implementation of many joint projects, we continually developed our products for international and scalable use. This way we enable the operation and the controlling of many sites in one central database. Thanks to the integrated POS solution, analyzes regarding the turnover can occur across sites almost in real-time.

Find out more about the cash register linkage of your delegate solution and use all the advantages of an integrated POS interface!



TCPOS is one of the worldwide leading providers in the POS technology sector for the hospitality and retail industries. More than 10.000 customers worldwide rely on our customized IT solutions. We support them in their business management needs by providing extensible, adaptable and future-proof POS solutions. At TCPOS, we strive to evolve as a unified modern global company, always future-oriented, while keeping the adaptability and extensibility of our solutions, to improve the business of all our clients.

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