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Catering Management Issue 05/2018 – Our Symphony No Comments

Inventory management system / POS system

In the current issue (05/2018) of the Catering Management news paper, you will find our latest advertising subject with our partner ventopay on page seven.
Below you will find a detailed chart where it is easy to see how our inventory management system is integrated with the POS system and the ventopay solutions. With the existing interface we already receive sales data as well as orders from pre-orders. In return, we supply sales items, keyboard layout, menu plan data, allergens, additives, nutritional values, CO2 footpront and order sales.

If you have any further questions about our products, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Christian Schmidt.

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CO2 data at the push of a button at Apleona HSG Culinaress No Comments


Our client Apleona HSG Culinaress is running a trend-setting project since March at the location Taufkirchen around Munich. With the concept {FoodPRINT} the customer provide all table guests the option to experience the CO2 foot print for each offered meal. They can view this directly via the Culinaress app or the menu plan and receive a direct statement about the climate impact of their food.

The database of the Swiss Eaternity AG is a prerequisite for the calculation of the CO2 foot print. It includes more than 550 ingredients and other parameters for organic or greenhouse production as well as for processes, packaging and conservation. The calculations with Eaternity include all emissions from the entire production chain.

One year ago, we established an interface between Eaternity and our inventory management system to enable the CO2 data exchange based on the menu plan. Delegate is not only used for purchasing, but also for the complete procurement process, for the incentive offer, the preparation of the menu plan and the calculation. The Culinaress app for the guests is also based on master data from our system and that’s why the basis was ideal for a quick implementation of the topic.

You can find the complete article and the interview with Mr. Pilger in the last issue 04/2018 of the Catering Management magazine.


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A Day of Community Service at the Delegate US office No Comments

A Day of Community Service

On Saturday April 21st, nearly 2,000 Towson University Students participated in a day of community service projects at over 200 project sites near the campus. A team of 42 students worked in and around the neighborhood surrounding the Delegate North America office and supervised by Delegate managers. The students spruced up community parks, neighborhood plantings and removed invasive vines from the trees.

The students working at the Delegate North America office were members of the Towson University Dietary and Nutrition Club and others were Computer Science majors representing the Football Club. The annual event called The Big Event allows students to earn community service credits for their club, fraternity or campus group. Many of the projects involved helping elderly or disabled homeowners that otherwise would have difficulty performing yard work or small home repairs.

“Towson University is an anchor university, and it’s so important to be able to show our community the love we feel for them,” President Kim Schatzel assured students before they headed out. “There is no better way to do that than the service that Tigers love to do.”

This year’s Big Event broke records in both volunteer and site counts. Towson University is the only institution in the University System of Maryland with a Carnegie Community Engagement Classification, which is awarded to about 320 other schools nationwide. The classification “recognizes Towson’s priorities and emphasis on engaged and collaborative teaching, learning and scholarship that deepen students’ civic and academic learning to enhance community well-being.”

Below are a few pictures from the event.

Community_Service_4Big Event Pic 6

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Pioneering Work in the Field of Climate and Nutrition No Comments

Swiss Export Journal

Our Food Supply Chain triggers one third of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. No advancement in transportation and no energy revolution has such potential to slow down global warming like awareness for smart food choices. The most effective solutions for complying with the Paris Climate Agreement are not in our garages or our heating systems – they are hidden in our refrigerators.


If we make well-planned choices selecting regional and seasonal foodstuffs, we can cut down these emissions by more than 50%. Altering our food consumption behaviour would be the best way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to curb climate change by limiting the maximum temperature rise to plus 2 °C as defined in the Paris Climate Treaty.

In the latest issue of the “Swiss Export Journal” Manuel Klarmann (CEO Eaternity) reports about this groundbreaking work and mentions Delegate Technology GmbH  as the first Material Management System worldwide to be connected with Eaternity via CO2 interface. Click here to read the full article (in German).

.                                                   eaternity
We have been cooperating closely with our Swiss Partner Eaternity for about two years now with the goal to make an important contribution to their pioneering work. Eaternity’s goal is to identify the CO2 footprint of foodstuffs and thus make nutrition choices more transparent for the consumer.  CO2 values are calculated in real-time and are based on the recipes provided by our system.

Together, we have established an interface linking Eaternity with our Material Management System. It is already successfully operating with our customers. This integration enables our customers to display the CO2 footprint of foodstuffs directly in the menu plan, thus making a valuable contribution to society and providing increased transparency for their employees.

„Within 8 years, Eaternity has established the most comprehensive CO2 database in the world of nutrition. Today, Delegate exclusively provides the option to measure the sustainability of any Food Service Business by the click of a button and optimize it, if necessary.

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Good to Best Conference 2018 – Review No Comments

Good to Best
Delegate Healthcare Solutions (North America) were proud to be a Gold Sponsor of the DM&AGood to Best” 12th Annual Healthcare Food Service Educational Conference, held at the Paradise Point Resort & Spa in San Diego California on 16th – 18th March 2018.

As in previous years the mission of Good to Best is to provide healthcare food service and environmental services executives, operators and their teams with the vital information, skills and tools needed to be successful in 2018 and beyond in all areas. The Good to Best conference provides leadership training, professional development and the latest industry updates in equipment and technology.

The featured Keynote Speakers (Curt, Sarah & Todd) at this year’s “Good to Best” were exceptional.

Keynote Speakers
All three brought their unique take on the industry, whilst sharing helpful hints & tips on how all of the attendees could better themselves both professionally and privately, going from Good to Best!

Adam Johnson our Director of Business Development, along with Della Dunbar from DM&A, presented a breakout session during the conference, called “Trends in Healthcare IT – How Stella Can Help Reduce Your Cost”. The session goal was to provide information on trends from the recent Himss conference both Adam and Della attended as well as how a Menu Management System can assist you in meeting regulatory requirements while reducing costs.

Stella Breakout Session
Adam also launched the highly anticipated “Mobile Meal Ordering” application. The newest application from Delegate, allows Patients to place their meal orders from their own devices (Smartphone, Tablet, iPad etc.) With the tag line BYOD not BYOB!

If you were unable to attend the conference or the breakout session, you can re live the presentation now by clicking here.

The 3-day conference was a huge success and the Stella Team (Adam Johnson from Delegate, Della Dunbar and Trisha Ours from DM&A) were on hand to assist any attendees with their questions or queries.

Stella Team @G2B
Delegate  Stella DM&A
For more details, or to request a Demonstration please contact Adam Johnson.

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Himss 2018 (Las Vegas) – Review No Comments

Himss 2018

The leading health information and technology conference

Delegate Healthcare Solutions (North America) were thrilled to attend Himss 2018 at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas. Himss is the leading Health Information and Technology Conference in the USA. This year almost 44,000 professionals from 90+ countries took part in five days of education, innovation and collaboration — making the Himss 18 Global Conference & Exhibition the most successful conference yet!
Eric Schmidt opened the conference. Eric is the Technical Advisor and Former Executive Chairman of Alphabet Inc. which is the parent company of Google. Eric’s message was very clear, “Run, Don’t Walk to the cloud. The cloud is safer, more HIPAA compliant and easier to use” His reasoning’s for this were explained in that it requires less local IT resources, industry experts are taking care of security and continually updating systems and that in time the large data repositories can assist with machine learning.

Eric Schmidt
Technical Advisor and Former Executive Chairman of Alphabet, Inc.



Eric went on to encourage the Healthcare sector to move forward with “Interoperability”. In healthcare, interoperability is the ability of different information technology systems and software applications to communicate, exchange data, and use the information that has been exchanged. This would provide so much efficiency to the sector. For example for every 1 hour spent with a Patient, a clinician will spend 2 hours on administration tasks, i.e. updating charts, food requirements etc.

In the Hospital of the future – Interoperability would allow for continuous monitoring of a patient which would then recognize subtle changes in patients’ health the system would then notify the Clinician, who can then make the necessary adjustments, thus allowing the reduction of code blue situations.   With machine learning and AI routine screening can be done via computer i.e. 1000 Patients retinas can be read in same time that 100 can be read by a human.  The end goal of interoperability is to increase time spent interacting with patient & therefore giving the ability to see more patients.  Patient meal goals will be able to be documented by the dietitian allowing the Food Service staff to record the amount consumed in Food Service system, which then interfaces back to the EHR.  The EHR is then able to alert the Patients Dietitian that goals are not being met. This in turn will help with Malnutrition Management.

Over the week Adam (Director of Business Development for Delegate North America) tracked 90,295 steps, walked 33.4 miles and made countless new connections & friends. Here are just a few Pictures of the week’s events.


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Exploring foreign territory in our Delegate World No Comments

Knowledge starts by asking questions

It’s all Greek to me

This idiom refers to something being not understandable and foreign to a person. The language and codes are confusing to the outsider.

Software Providers ‘happen’ to deal with a variety of databases. In our case it boils down to MSSQL and Oracle, two of the most common varieties on the market. However, despite their great popularity, many people will say it’s all Greek to them …

We therefore recently organized a guided tour through this foreign territory with an external expert for selected colleagues from the Projects & Services Team. During two days of intense knowledge transfer, our colleagues learned a lot about the ‘local customs’ – from early developments to up-to-date details.

The main focus was put on SQL Databases in theory and practice. The training included many hands-on practical examples for better understanding of the technology in daily business.

All participants successfully completed the training (from left to right: Jürgen, Sebastian, Silke, Rainer, Florian, Bernhard, Sebastian).


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Management Forum Starnberg – Platinum Partner No Comments

Constructing and operating commercial kitchens & modern corporate catering

An annual forum about market trends and efficiency – with many practical examples and company visits

In 2018 we will be joining the event for the first time as Platinum Partner. The event is scheduled for two days and offers numerous interesting presentations as well as an opportunity to exchange experiences and information within the industry.

The forum addresses head chefs, operations managers, F&B managers, catering operators, purchasing directors, economic managers, technical planners as well as stakeholders from company catering, hospitals, residential homes, industry catering, catering operators, event caterers, technical colleges, associations, student unions, school kitchens, food service establishments for public bodies, food services for travellers and contract catering.

On the second day (April 27th) at 10:20 a.m it will be our turn to give a presentation  on „Digitalized Communication between Apleona and its Guests” together with our customer Apleona.

Publishing our menu plans including allergens, additives, nutrients and CO2 footprint via app and on the internet; time-scheduled display of our menus on restaurant screens, electronic data transmission for allergens, additives and nutrients from our suppliers; automated calculation of allergens, additives and nutrients in our recipes and menus, calculation of the CO2 footprint for our recipes and menus on a daily basis.

Click here to find the full program including the agenda and further details.

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Conference – Dietitians Unite 2018 No Comments

Dietitian Connection

Delegate Australia spent the day at ‘Dietitians Unite 2018’ conference in sunny Brisbane. The team enjoyed mingling with Dietitians and getting the Delegate brand out there. The event is run by an organisation called Dietitian Connection, made up of passionate Dietetic leaders who strive to share knowledge and experiences to inspire and encourage learning amongst the Dietetic community. The organisation has over 3,400 members from around the world, networking and accessing information about market trends, and being supported by being kept up to date with latest and greatest, actively making use of social media to get their information across.

The Delegate team found it uplifting to be connecting with a group of young and enthusiastic Nutrition professionals.

For more information about the event as well as the agenda, please click here.


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Delegate Customer Day 2018 No Comments

Customer Day 2018

We are hosting our popular Customer Day event this year again on May 24th, 2018. We have come up with something special this year… We’ll take things to a higher level – the 31st floor of the Munich Highlight Tower, to be exact. Kindly make sure to register in advance until April 25th, 2018 at the latest as the number of participants will be limited to 45 persons. If you are interested in participating, just contact Mr. Christian Schmidt directly.
Highlight Tower_01Highlight Tower_02
Our Program:

– Organization, strategy and future developments (structural changes, retrospective, roadmap)
– Presentation: Editel GmbH (an EDI provider introduction)
– Presentation: qnips GmbH (a Digital Signage provider introduction)
– Presentation: New functionalities (e.g.: Central Production, Electronic Invoice Import)

Additionally, there will be two open meeting rounds providing a possibility for mutual exchange and posing questions to

Important: We would greatly appreciate your input in the following question: What do you expect from a material management system designed for the future?

We want to invoke some brainstorming and to hear your creative ideas for the future. The sky’s the limit! Be it automation, forecasts, voice command, artificial intelligence, etc., we appreciate your creativity and vision.

Please click here to view our detailed agenda.

Event Location Info:

München Highlight Towers
Mies-van-der-Rohe-Straße 6
80807 München, Germany

Venue: 31. Obergeschoss – Training Room I+II
Time: 10:00 a.m.

Please feel free to contact Mr. Christian Schmidt at any time if you have questions or suggestions for us.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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