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Germany: Reduction of the value added tax – What has to be done? No Comments

Reduction of the value added tax for the gastronomy industry

7% instead of 19% value added tax. The tax relief for food that is served in-house was an important demand of the industrial association DEHOGA. The aim is to help gastronomy industry in Germany, which is suffering heavily from the economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. From 01 July 2020 the decision of the grand coalition will come into force and will be valid for one year. However, drinks are excluded from the tax reduction. Unfortunately, this means that for the time being the politicians are falling far behind the demands of the industry, which wants to push through a rescue fund and a permanent reduction in VAT.

However, a temporary adjustment of the tax rate also means that many important points need to be considered. Do tax schemes need to be adjusted and what is the effect of the adjustment on the main groups? How do I update the products of the connected POS systems in Delegate? Is it possible to adjust tax rates manually if revenues have already been recorded for the period after 01.07.2020?


Re-opening schedules have already been announced, which will allow gastronomy operations to operate again under strict conditions and therefore you have to be prepared. We want support our customers in the difficult times and have created a simple guideline. This guideline explains in simple steps what has to be done and how the VAT rate has to be stored correctly in the Delegate system.

For all our customers the guideline is already available since last week on our helpdesk portal as a free download. All important questions have been covered in the guideline, but if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate contact your responsible Service Manager at any time, who will be happy to assist you with the adjustment.

What are the benefits of the tax reduction?

What does the reduction of the value added tax mean in general for the consumer, the retail sector and the state? Interested parties can play through various scenarios at “” and check if the tax reduction also brings financial benefits for all in reality. 

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Home office virtual brunch during Corona (Covid-19) No Comments

Virtual Brunch

It’s been #61 days since we moved to the home office and gotten used to the new daily routine. Quickly the whole company adopted to mobile working, as we had already allowed flexible days from home in the past. 

The biggest challenge was to maintain the excellent communication between all teams. Regular calls were quickly established and all employees could be seen in video conferences via webcam. The management has ensured that regular information was and is provided to all employees to ensure they are kept up to date about the current situation

After the first few weeks, virtual coffee breaks, were being undertook. Along with the employees coming up with creative & funny backgrounds in video conferences. Even virtual birthday parties have tested how good our conference system is. Unfortunately, our monthly brunch had to be canceled due to the Corona virus which we all missed having, because it is such an important social component. Everyone understood that it is currently not possible to hold such a Brunch due to everyone having to stay at home in order to be a disciplined and good role model. But who said anything against us holding a virtual brunch

Delegate Brunch

Last week we organized our first virtual Delegate Brunch and surprised all our employees from the Vienna office. A video conference alone would have been too easy and therefore something special was needed. We wanted to show our appreciation to all our Delegate superheroes during these difficult time and we also wanted to support our industry which is struggling quite hard.

A digital brunch is not very nutritious and that’s why we ordered brunch packages from a small & regional caterer which were delivered to all employees in Vienna and Lower Austria. The delivery took place between 4:30 a.m. and 10 a.m. and was left outside the apartment door as a surprise, so that we could have breakfast together at 10 a.m. (the usual Brunch Time).

Thanks to our superheroes we have gotten great snapshots of the delivery of the brunch package as well as the content. Some of them were very authentic and sleepy shots and some very creatively laid breakfast tables.

Home Office Brunch

In these difficult times, it shows what really matters, namely that you can rely on each other and all pull together. We are very proud of all the Delegate Superheroes and that every single one of them has adapted to the difficult conditions as quickly as possible or tries to deal with the situation in the best possible way. No matter how difficult it is, the most important good of any company are simply the employees and therefore it was worth to deliver breakfast to all our employees at home.

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Improved Room Service Ticket Layout in Version 14.20 No Comments

Ticket Layout

In day-to-day kitchen and dispatch operation, Room Service Tickets must be clearly laid out and easy to read so that staff can work efficiently. The tickets are normally used for tray assembly in the kitchen/production line and text needs to be as clear and readable as possible to increase tray setup time and minimize errors.

Ticket text in most cases contains component names and meal time/ date/ hospital information. They must be readable from a distance one step or two away, as they are usually attached above or beside the production line area.

Font size has been increased for the most important text parts (i.e. Serving Time and Components) in order to make this information stand out from the rest when staff are preparing the meal or assembling the trays.

Ticket Layout

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Seasonality Filter for adding Recipes in Menu Planning No Comments

Seasonality Filter

Chefs generally prefer to use seasonal products when creating Menu Plans. We already offered an option to define seasonality for Recipes. However, identifying seasonal Recipes from a large number of available options still posed a challenge. Finding the right Recipes for each season was quite time-consuming.

The “Edit Menu Plan” View has now been enhanced with the new option “Apply Seasonality Filter” for Menu Plan and Menu Lists to facilitate Menu Planning with seasonal Recipes.

You can now make the season selection for head chefs much easier by enabling the checkbox “Apply Seasonality Filter”. The “Recipe” selection field will then only list recipes marked for the respective month or recipes for which seasonality does not apply. For Menu Lists not bound by
specific dates, the user must select a month to apply the Seasonality filter.

This new filtering option makes the setting up of seasonal Menu Plans and Menu Lists faster and even more efficient.


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Efficiently generate your Product Specification Documents No Comments

Product Specification Documents

This feature provides various functionalities and settings to create a customized Production Specification Document. It is used in several modules, for example “Conference and Events”, to provide users and customers with all important information about products offered.

The Product Specification Document saves a lot of time and effort as it enables you to monitor nutritional values, allergens, regeneration data etc. all in one place. You can configure an Authorization Procedure where your designated qualified employees review and approve the Product
Specification Documents. This means that correct and up-to-date Documents are available at all times.

Product Specification Document

The Product Specification Document can also be configured to include microbiological values which are managed in the “Microbiological Criteria Groups” and “MicroOrganisms” Modules.

You can select from over 25 variables to create the perfectly customized Product Specification Document for your business.

For example, you can:

– create totals by summing up components for the component list
– include self-defined, company specific variables
– configure individualized recipe variables for improved quality assurance
– check your microbiological product values against standard values
– manage food preservation data

For more information please find the necessary manuals on or Delegate Helpdesk Portal

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ClearDATA meeting in Austin (Texas) back in March 2020 No Comments

Review ClearDATA Meeting

Productive days in Austin, Texas. Our recent visit to the headquarters in Austin (Texas) of our cloud hosting Partner ClearDATA back in March included 2 days of highly informative work sessions.

We met with specialists across the hosting spectrum including solutions architects. Additionally, there were previews of exciting new tools that will soon be coming available from AWS. With all this new information, we are even more ready than ever to meet the ever-increasing demand in the US for cloud hosted foodservice technology, servicing large healthcare organizations and foodservice management companies.

ClearDATA & Delegate

With the enhanced data security provided by ClearDATA (HIPAA standard) we are able to meet the strict requirements for storing patient related dietary and nutrition information when hosting our Delegate Patients Service application.  A huge thanks to all the great folks at ClearDATA in Austin for all their time and excellent hospitality.

ClearDATA & Delegate
About ClearDATA

ClearDATA was conceived and designed from the ground up to serve the mission-critical system needs and regulatory requirements of healthcare organizations. Our founders drew upon their own experience, as well as that of the top engineers, systems architects, and visionaries from the healthcare IT and cloud computing industries, to create the most robust, secure, reliable, and HIPAA-compliant cloud computing solution in the industry.

As the market leader for healthcare cloud computing and information security services for providers, life sciences, payers, and healthcare technology organizations, our solutions enable our customers to fully automate, protect, and securely manage healthcare applications, data, and IT infrastructure in the cloud.

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Good to Best Roadshow in Dallas (Texas) – Review No Comments

Good to Best Review

The 2nd Good to Best – Roadshow was held on Tuesday 3rd March 2020 at the Doubletree Dallas Campbell Centre, 8250 North Central Expressway, Dallas, Texas 75206. Stella powered by Delegate were a proud sponsor of the event.

Due to the success of last year’s inaugural Road Show held in New Jersey, DM&A took “Good to Best” on the Road again!

As in previous years the mission of Good to Best is to provide healthcare food service and environmental services executives, operators and their teams with the vital information, skills and tools needed to be successful in 2020 and beyond in all areas. The Good to Best conference provides leadership training, professional development and the latest industry updates in equipment and technology.

The one-day Roadshow was a complete sell out with 85 attendees. Each of who came to listen and learn from the 8 Speakers who together spoke about the following topics;

– Food safety/sanitation
– Foodservice Trends
– Leadership Development
– Staff Retention
– Emergency Preparedness
– Food Waste Reduction
– Malnutrition
– Plant-Based Menus

During the day there was time for all attendees to network and visit the sponsor booths. Among the sponsors was Stella. The main talking point on the Stella Booth was the enhanced Mobile Meal Ordering (Bring.Your.Own.Device) which allows the Patient to place their own Meal Orders on their personal devices, which increases Patient Satisfaction and reduces Costs to the organization and Meal Delivery Logistics Module which improves efficiencies in Meal Tray Delivery and Collection combining with KPI data allowing Organizations to improve efficiencies.

For more details, or to request a Demonstration please contact Adam Johnson.

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sec4dev: Conference and Bootcamp – Security for Software Developers No Comments

sec4dev: Conference and Bootcamp

From 24th to 27th of February the 2nd sec4dev Security Conference & Bootcamp took place in Vienna. Like last year the security event was organized by SBA Research – one of the leading research parties for information security in Austria. The sec4dev-conference offers practice-oriented lectures, workshops and full-day boot camps in the areas of secure coding, secure operation, security testing, threat modelling, IoT Security, Cloud Security and so much more.

Software security and secure development practices and processes always had been important for us as a software manufacturer but are getting more and more attention also by our customers using the software in their daily work environment. To better analyse and prevent security issues from happening and have an organized approach to mitigate identified threats and vulnerabilities also this year one of our software developers participated in a 2-day-bootcamp about threat modelling and risk assessment. Under instructions from the OWASP Project Leader for threat modelling – Steven Wierckx – the participants performed threat modeling through a series of practical exercises, where the instructor guided through the different stages of a threat model based on an AWS and microservices migration from a classical web application.

The conference was held at the TU Audimax Getreidemarkt close to the center of Vienna. Topics presented and discussed during the conference covered various important aspects of Software Security and Development, also factoring in the “human” component during the Software Development Lifecycle. Different perspectives to Software Security were covered in the presentations, for example the legal liabilities for insecure software, how to implement a secure development lifecycle, the way to micro-services, authentication and authorization and of course a presentation about the attack and security landscape in the future. An important emerging topic during this years conference and bootcamp was also IoT Hacking and Update/Patch Management which was not as present in the last year.

As a technology leader, software security and threat modelling will continue to be a major focus in the future. Therefore, it was a matter of course for us to participate in this years sec4dev event as well to extend our knowledge.

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Symposium on Digitization in Commercial Kitchens No Comments

Digitalisation in the canteen kitchen

When it comes to the future of community catering, digitization has been on everyone’s agenda since 2019 at the latest. But what is behind that buzzword? What are the requirements of the future? What is already possible today?

On April 2, the Catering Management magazine will be discussing precisely these topics at the symposium “Digitalisation in the Commercial Kitchen“. In the beautiful Le Méridien Grand Hotel Nuremberg, speakers from various areas of large-scale catering will highlight the steps already taken and give an outlook on the possible future.

As a keynote speaker, Dipl.-Ing. Peter Leppelt will give an overview on data and cyber security. An important aspect when it comes to data exchange and sensitive data.

The winner of the Frankfurt Prize 2019 in the innovator segment in the premium catering segment  leonardi GmbH & Co. KG, represented by Thomas Kister (Managing Partner), provides insights into the successful concept with which the company has become known in the industry as a pioneer for individuality, quality and craftsmanship.

Digitization in Commercial Kitchens – 2nd of April 2020 in Nuernberg

Together with our partner ventopay GmbH, we will show how an innovative and individualized customer retention is possible through data processing and the interaction of cash register and food management system. In doing so, we highlight important topics such as bonus systems, health tracking, CO2 footprint, Nutri-Score and allergens.

The evening before Rational takes us to the Roter Ochs restaurant in Forchheim. The evening offers the opportunity for casual conversations as well as knowledge exchange between the participants. The guests are spoiled with traditional Franconian delicacies and sufficient drinks by the team around Konni Scheller.

Do not miss the chance to be part of it. Contact us and benefit from reduced entrance fees. We are curious about what to expect and we are looking forward to the symposium.

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Meet Stella at the “Good to Best Roadshow!” in Dallas (Texas) No Comments

Good to Best Roadshow

For the past decade, DM&A have hosted the annual “Good to Best Conference”.

Due to the success of this year’s inaugural Road Show held in New Jersey, DM&A are taking “Good to Best” on the Road again! This time they will be in Dallas Texas. The format for the Road Show will be the same, full day of informative speakers that will advise on market trends and what is new and exciting in Healthcare Food Service. Lunch will be provided along with Morning and afternoon Coffee Breaks, where you will have a chance to talk with the exhibiting Vendors. To end the day there will be a Cocktail Reception including canapés, allowing you to network a little more or maybe even close a deal with one of the exhibiting Vendors.

Delegate North America will be attending, to showcase the Stella Solution. Will you be there?

Save the Date – Tuesday March 3rd 2020.

Registration Page

The mission of Good to Best is to provide healthcare food service and environmental services executives, operators and their teams with vital information, skills and tools needed to be successful in all areas. This educational conference provides leadership training, professional development, and the latest industry updates.

Join the DM&A interest list today to receive updates and early bird pricing. 

Look forward to seeing you all there.